Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We found a stuffy old house

Planning a wedding in the Ottawa Valley is easy. There are a whole three photographers to choose from, you can host it at either the Best Western, or Thee Place (We chose the former - much more tasteful), and as for catering, there's simply no question; Willy Schmidt's schmorgasbord of jello salads is the only way to go. Pick up your dress and tux from My Fair Lady and your dream Valley wedding can be seared into the memory of your attendants for the rest of their miserable lives. This was our plan, and it was progressing splendidly up until about a month ago, when our fantasies of tying the knot in the mystical land of snowmobiles and smoked sausage were razed to the ground by the news of Katie's family's moving to Port Colborne. With a mere five months until the Big Day (The reverberations will bring the world to a standstill, I'm sure), we were suddenly without a hall, without a photographer, and without Willie Schmidt.

What we were given, however, was a beautiful Lutheran Church in Port Colborne, two God-preaching pastors (our wedding is so epic, we need two), and two loving families to help us figure it all out. It is only because of these that we have finally, after two cancellations, found our wedding hall. If any of you are familiar with Thorold, you'll probably know of the Keefer Mansion Inn. It's a lovely Victorian (or Elizabethan? I don't know the difference; maybe all you architects out there can help me out) restaurant/inn that has a rich history that includes an instrumental participation in the Underground Railroad. It has a very close and intimate feel to it, and the history of the place makes it right up both our alleys. The food is supposed to be fantastic, and the rooms, especially the bridal suite, look fairly catchetore (sp?). Check our their website and tell me what you think! http://www.keefermansion.com/


  1. My mother worked there as a nurse when I was a child. At the time it was a convalescent/nursing home called Maplehurst. My mother was certain that she had seen the ghost that is considered to inhabit the place. Maybe you will have an extra guest at your reception.

  2. Andrew, your gifted at engaging people with your stories. It is awesome you have succeeded so much in just a few months! The place sounds gorgeous! Congratulations!!